I was doing a little browsing of the interwebs yesterday, between my time spent opening the mail and conquering the world. I came across a pretty interesting article written over at Chris Eliopoulos. The article is titled “How to Stay in Comics” and essentially it’s written by a guy in the industry and staying there. Now you probably don’t care how to stay in comics, you may not be in comics at all, but why I found this article so interesting is the majority of it you can apply to any job, any role or just life in general. Especially points like “Don’t be a Jerk” and “Get Better” (those are important and you’d be surprised how often they’re forgotten!). I do recommend having a quick read and seeing how it applies in your world.

On a complete side note, I’ve been practising HARDCORE for the Ceroc National Champs coming up in a few weeks. It’s been hard work and it’s been scary. I’ve been doing aerials, as in, I’ve been dangling in the air above the head of the (trustworthy-ish) man holding me. I wish I could tell you all about aerials in person. And wave my arms in some kind of descriptive flail (potentially resembling semaphore, but potentially resembling aerials). I’m sure that would be a better form of communication right now.

You see I am actually scared of heights, Acrophobia they call it. The Latin term for “Shouldn’t be an Acrobat”. I find it’s quite a normal side effect of being short (or vertically challenged, if you want to be PC). I am completely comfortable with being rather close to the ground at all times. A tall person is quite often used to being up higher, people say they have further to fall – that’s only true if they’re standing.

In reality us short folk have further to fall. If you pick up a short person and a tall person to the same height, and lay them horizontally (just to make sure they ARE at the same height) and then drop them. The tall person will connect with the floor FIRST by poking out a lengthy arm or leg in that direction. The short person will connect with the floor LAST because they can’t reach so far with stubby little limbs. Thus, the short person does in fact have further to fall.

The whole plan is though to not fall at all, and I’m getting pretty good at that. I’m getting much more comfortable and trusting with my select few men, who are permitted to pick me up that high. I thought I could very well be overcoming this fear but yesterday a friend asked me if I’d like to go for a fly.

Yeah, I was like WHT?! WHT U MEAN?! Turns out I know some pilots. A ride in a little two seater aircraft? I think that’s beyond me. I think that would be pushing me to my boundaries and then booting me over the edge and waiting for my face to splat on the floor. How do you even work up to something like that?

With aerials you can just start small, do a little lift, about half a meter off the ground and progressively get higher as you gain confidence. With a plane you can’t just bunny hop off the run way to test the air. Think I should stay beneath the clouds, just for now.


Also just to keep you in the loop, skinny dipping has been added to the pre-21st To-do list. Are we frightened? I think we should be.