This is a thing which actually happened. One of the many French language slip ups I experienced in my time there. Definitely not the most stressful but I will not try to draw that one, there was too much agression and stress.

On the other hand, the nicest French language interaction? The lovely old fruit store salesman who was so kind and patient while I tried to order a bunch of grapes. That and the cute french guy who yelled out “Ca va bella!” to me at the street market.

Anyway following on from the last blog post (about the goal of expertism being 10,000 hours too far away) some people have rightly pointed out I have already started the journey to expert-status. So, I took it upon myself to work out just how far along I should be and reassess my goals to see if they’re more achievable in one lifetime (rather than three). So here’s what I figure…

Counting up on average how much time I have spent dancing since age 13 (I’m taking this age because I think it’s the first time I “tried” to dance, rather than just childishly prancing about) I figure I’ve got a grand total of 2,651 hours under my belt already.

That means I’m (2651/10000) 26% of the way there already!!

I did the same with both drawing and baking and have worked out I am respectively 10% and 8% along the way.

Now I figure from this point forward I’m going to spend approximately 10 hours per week dancing, 15 hours per week drawing and 5 hours per week baking. Using this plan, I have worked out how long until I get to be a proper expert.

Dancing = ((10,000-2651) / 10) / 52 = 14 years

Drawing = ((10,000-1000) / 15) / 52 = 11.5 years

Baking = ((10,000-800) / 5) / 52 = 35 years

Much more achievable when you break it down like that right?!

So my plan henceforth: Monday is drawing, tuesday drawing, wednesday drawing, thursday dancing, saturday dancing, sunday baking. Friday is my night off (except I couldn’t resist baking on Friday, better add that to my expert tally!)

Actually, maybe I’ll do that. I’ll start a tally and keep track of my progress. Anything to motivate working towards the goals is a good thing right?! TALLYS IT IS!