I stayed home from work today.

I woke up sounding like a horror movie villan, hoarse and croaky. My throat hurt and I was sad.

I stayed in bed, for quite some time, in fact, I’m still here. I normally enjoy this kind of comfort. It’s just a bit different today, the weather is weilding wickedness. The wind seems to come in waves, crashing into the house when I least expect it, creaking all the walls around me. I keep panicking, fearfull that it’s not just the wind. That perhaps someone else is here, sneaking through the hallway, stepping on the creaky floorboards.

I keep reminding myself that I’m silly and it’s a silly thought. But it’s still a thought, and unfortunately one that’s stuck in my head.

So come with me, on a tangent, to take my thoughts elsewhere – far from the silliness.

What do you use to take your mind someplace else? I tend to use food. Joy the Baker, Foodgawker,  the pantry, baking. maybe I’ll put music on and bake a cake. Is that a good idea? Should I do this? Will we be distracted.

Geez I hope so. I’m doing it. Honey cake.