Interesting thought for the day.

Sometimes I’m home alone. It happens. It happens to all of us.

There are two types of home alone. Short period of time and longer period of time. They are completely different (apart from the alone at home part).

What I’ve come to realise is this; if I am home alone for a short period of time, I use it as a motivational tool. I fire into action, cleaning, cooking, happily prancing about. It’s an incentive, like a deadline to achieve noticable things so when I am no longer home alone the people who have returned can go “Oh wow you did all this stuff!” and I’ll be like hells yeah I did…

I intend for today to be one of those types of days.

The second type of home alone is a longer period, now this is not a set time limit. It’s entirely dependant on circumstances. I tend to call a day a long time, like a working day. Though, it could also include an entire evening, say if I get home from work and can’t expect to encounter anyone else until the next day. That’s a long time.

It has the complete opposite effect. It’s a downer, bit depressing, causes moping and demotivational tendencies. Without the fuel of a close deadline (and with no actual required tasks to fit into that time) everything kind of droops. I tend to end up playing cheap PC games like most recently, Dream Woods 2.

I do wonder if I’m a bit unusual in my reactions to lonesomeness…but what I’m trying to say is, today, this afternoon atleast, it going to be a motivational alone time. I’m going to whack on some sounds, bust out some sugar and butter, and cook and clean and do all the things and people will get home and say “oh wow”. I just hope we don’t end up with a repeat of this.