W!R presents Sundried Perusals


An accumulation of quirks awaits you. Things are different here. There’s farm equipment, there’s occasional colours, there’s even guides to help you in every day life.

You, once fully aquainted with Sundried Perusals, will always be in the best of hands and company.

Settle in, have a cuppa tea.

If you’re looking for a taste of amusement just check the home page a few times a week (if that’s too much of an ask, sign up to the newsletter and I’ll email them through once a week, don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own inbox!). This can get pretty crazy or haphazard. Don’t get confused though, because if you venture back, fully into the past or archives here, you will see the beginning. The big bang. The seed that sprouted all this. You’ll find the real Woah! Roscoe, still here, fully accessable, breathing.

Feel free to check it out, you’ll probably see Tiger and Roscoe around sometimes. Get to know them, they’re friendly.